portland architecture

This wonderful old apartment building is at the top of cool, shady NW 23rd street in Portland. I loved the colors and the wealth of architectural details and ornamentation on it. I didn’t get to the color end of things on the sketch, but I think the black and white version is actually nice just on its own.



There is something very energizing about traveling to Portland to do the press checks of our fall dealer catalog. After months at the office wrestling with design-by-committee, tight deadlines, too many overtime hours and a general sense of frustration, it’s nice to have a few days away from the routine to see a project through to completion and get a fresh start on something new. Our print rep, Kristine, is always full of great creative ideas and I always come back from these week-long trips with a renewed perspective into my creative soul, which I know is there, but in the corporate side of graphic design, doesn’t really get a chance to shine. Between press times, which came about every 2-3 hours, I was able to visit a couple of art stores, some craft galleries, make more sketches in my sketchbook than the past 5 months combined, and visit a local arts festival called “Art in the Pearl”. Kristine brought in a stack of books on sketching and sketch booking, two of which I absolutely loved and ordered from Amazon right at the printing plant. The most valuable thing that she did for me was give me a link to a site called Urban Sketchers, which should prove to be a creative inspiration in the months to come, and is part of the springboard for this blog.